Crochet a rainbow

I thought I might make some squares for this project
I've got loads of spare bits of  yarn.
The lovely Sarah London has made a call for crocheters
 from all around the world to crochet granny squares
and  donate them so that they can be joined together
to make blankets for those affected by the floods in Australia.
I have an Auntie who is in the exact area that has suffered who thankfully is ok.
So although only small- it's something I can do.
If you would like to know more

all the information can be found here


scrappyjacky said...

A lovely idea,Denise....I wish I could crochet.

debs14 said...

What a lovely idea, I shall definitely be clicking on that link!

knitalatte said...

Hi Denise,
Yes, I agree, it is something I too can do to help in a small way. Bless Sarah for taking on this project.

humel said...

This is such a great project - I don't have the skills to contribute, sadly, but good for you taking part :-)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Great idea, Denise. The one thing that I can crochet is a granny square! I will definitely check this out and get involved. Thanks for letting us know!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I can't crochet, but maybe they'll take knitted ones? I'm off to check it out!!

Emma said...

Hi Denise,
thank you for your comment on my little blog.
I've yet to make a granny square that looks right!
i will have a peek at the link. its such a thoughtful idea.

Unknown said...

Hello Denise, thank you for your comment on my blog...I´ve followed you here and like yours too. What a nice little world where one can find new friends over Rainbows :)

- said...

This is a very wonderful project and is making it's rounds. Good to see.
Thanks for posting about it.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've become a follower here too.

Bee Lady said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I think your blog is very cute. I love the colors, they look very cottagy. I also love that afghan you made in the red, white and blue. What type of yarn was that. It's really cute.

Cindy Bee