Live Aid - good memories

Anyone who is 'about my age' must remember Live Aid.
I know it's quite a familiar name but I watched a recording last night that I Sky plussed a while back all about the day in 1985- and it got me all nostalgic.
I was late twenties at the time and had just had my first baby - I remember it so well.
Being one who loves concerts, If I hadn't had a three month old baby I probably would have gone to Wembley.
Just looking at the old footage of Charles and Diana arriving and them chatting to the likes of Nik Kershaw,Elton,Status Quo ,Spandau Ballet and many others has brought it all back to me- and made me feel sad about Diana again too.

I so remember taking the dog for a walk with the baby in his pram on a beautiful summer's day and wherever you went - you could hear it. It seemed that everyone was watching it.Everyone had their windows and doors open and all you could hear was the music.

It still gives me goose bumps watching Queen do 'Radio Gaga' where the whole of Wembley were doing that 'two claps and arms in the air thing'...
I know that Queen are not to everyone's taste but Freddie was such a good frontman.

The one thing that struck me while watching was the feeling of the whole world being as one on that day - everyone was happy and also emotional at different times during the day.

I think we need another something like that - maybe the 'Royal Wedding' will do it ?
Good memories indeed ...might watch it again -it made me feel good !


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I remember Live Aid, but haven't seen photos or footage of the concert. That is one HUGE sea of people!

As an American, I feel sad every time I seen a photo of Diana too so I imagine it is very sad for you. I'm looking forward to the upcoming royal wedding myself. It's kind of like the promise of a bright new beginning, isn't it? xo

scrappyjacky said...

Brings back so many memories....I'd just had a baby too...and remember sitting feeding her while watching on TV....I specially remember U2 playing...and Bono dancing with a girl in the audience...and Phil Collins playing at Wembley and in the USA....couldn't do that today with Concorde gone.
It certainly felt like the whole world was at one that day.

jordiegirl said...

Yes, I remember it too.

I was in Newcastle upon Tyne that day shopping - what did we buy? My engagement ring! Yes we got engaged on Live Aid Day in 1985.

Ruth said...

Oh, yes! There will only ever be one Freddie!

debs14 said...

We were in Portugal when Live Aid was on, came back from a meal out and sat in the reception area of the Luz Bay Club watching it! Know what you mean about Diana, it's still so sad. But I think she would be very proud of how her boys have turned out.

humel said...

I do kind of remember :-) I was 10 at the time, but I remember being aware of it, definitely, even if I didn't watch it.

karen said...

I went to a friends birthday bash that night and saw my first male stripper!!!

Sian said...

What a wonderful day it was! My husband bought me a dvd a few years ago and I had to be dragged away from it to eat my Christmas dinner! Brilliant.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I watched that programme too...it brought back so many memories. i also watched the dramatisation of Bob Geldof's getting it all off the ground which was a bit of an eye opener! I so agree that it felt as if the whole world was involved & I remember being blown away by Freddie (of course) & by the video of David Bowie & Mick jagger 'Dancing in the street'...Oh happy days!