Checking Blogger stats...

I''ve just been over to Sian's blog,it's ridiculously late and I am wide awake so decided to do a bit of blog hopping.
Sian has recommended some fab sites regarding blogging,but the main thing that caught my imagination, was what her most popular blog post was-taken from the 'blogger stats' which Mel had talked about a while ago,and key words and phrases that have been typed into google which lead to your blog.

 I had to go and have a look and here's some of the keywords people have typed into google and found me ....

" and he wasn't in the local "

" and a few odd things to do "

" ashes to ashes"

" and donny osmond"

Well,one thing I gleaned from that is that I obviously say 'and' a lot in my blog posts - the first one's a bit strange I thought.

On to the next thing, my all time most popular post ( I think I got this from the right place) was

"Christmas club-Ghostbusters"

fascinating stuff- thanks Sian and Mel for that - I shall be monitoring with interest from now on.!

I received my monthly Gottacraft kit this week and had a play...

I'd be very interested to know if anyone out there has checked their blog stats and what your most popular blog post was.
Best get to bed now or the dawn chorus will be next....


debs14 said...

2 o'clock in the morning? Why are you awake?!!! Lovely page, I love the chandeliers, are they stamps?

Sian said...

I'm glad I asked - I've been loving the answers! My storytelling posts are my most popular - now, if that isn't a good reason to start on a story for next month I don't know what is :)

Everyone who has got that kit has got stuck into it straight away - it's irresistible!

scrappyjacky said...

That kit definately is gorgeous....and such a lovely page you've made.
I've never looked at my blog stats....but these recent posts have got me intrigued!!

humel said...

Oh Denise, what were you doing up at that time?!

It's lovely to see that others have now looked at their stats too, isn't it fascinating? I love your search terms!! And also your scrapping xx