Isn't it lovely

To see a bit of sunshine ?

and we all have to get our telescopes out tonight to see the Supermoon- full moon - it's the closest it's been to earth for 18 or so years - bet I won't be able to get  a good photo !
This one courtesy of Google images.
Have a lovely Saturday whatever you are up to.


Ruth said...

I tried (and failed) to photograph the moon last night ~ it's looking amazing, isn't it? Blue skies and sunshine here, too, after days of grey and rain.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the picture at the bird feeder. The moon was very big and bright last night already; hope to be able to see it tonight if we have a break in the crowds.

Sian said...

A bit of sunshine has gone down very well here too - the washing got dried on the line today and it looks all the better for it!

jordiegirl said...

I photographed the moon last night as I thought it looked really lovely and it was out very early when it was still quite light here and was so big and bright and full. Will check it out again tonight if it is nearer to the earth - it seemed really big last night.

My photos aren't brilliant as I don't have a super duper camera but what the heck.

We've had a lovely sunny Spring day here today too and I dried the washing outside and also cut the lawn for the first time this year and did some tidying up in the garden too.

Have a great weekend everyone

humel said...

I missed the news about the moon! I didn't miss the sunshine though, that's been lovely :-)