Simply a Moment

On the 15th of each month,Alexa suggests that we take time out and capture Simply a Moment.

Masterchef is muttering in the background and the rain is making lots of noise on the window, a strange calming cosy sound - I've always loved the sound of the rain.
Upstairs I can hear the shower and the quick spray of deodorant as one of the boys gets himself ready to go out.Down he comes, checks hair in the mirror, keys jangle and he's off....'see you later'.
These are all looking very neat and tidy but there are a LOT of ends to be sewn in....

I'm contemplating whether to carry on with a layout I need to get done or start to sew the ends in on the crocheted blankets I have sitting looking at me waiting to be finished or to try some more sewing ..then I remember a lovely afternoon yesterday spent in the company of a long time friend Deb, we caught up on all the news, discussed layouts,she helped me with the next step of patchwork I'm doing and we ate cake - smiling to myself and then Paul O'Grady's voice comes onto the tv with a new programme.

The tumble dryer clicks as it stops and I suppose I should get up and move myself but I do so love a little surf and read in the evenings.

It's nine o'clock so I think I should really get on with my layout or it will be too late. 

My quiet little moments are few and far between but I love 'em when they are here !

Time to put the kettle on,make tea and scrap.


Karen said...

Lovely time to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Louise said...

love the crocheted blankets you have there. It's good to have some quiet time once in a while x

scrappyjacky said...

Do hope you completed your layout.

Sian said...

Lots of lovely homely details in this make it a pleasure to read

debs14 said...

You are so creative Denise, so many projects on the go and I really enjoyed seeing some of them yesterday. Where did the afternoon go?!
You described your evening perfectly, it was lovely to share your moment with you.

Alison said...

Oh how we need that rain over here, Denise!...your crochet project looks lovely
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thank you for sharing your moment with us. Love the crochet.

Susanne said...

It's so nice that you took in all the sounds around you as you contemplated what to do next. Thanks for sharing a bit of your time; I can't wait to see the layout too.