A Cherry on Top

The lovely Karen  who is one of the two ladies who run the Eclectic Keepsakes crop has given me this award, what a lovely surprise - she is a very talented lady and not only does some amazing scrapping but makes gorgeous cards too-thanks Karen.
So on to the  5 conditions to accepting the award..

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award - done.
  2. Receiver places award on their blog- done. 
 3.The receiver lists 3 things about themselves ....

 I hate hate hate spiders.. I'd love to go and see Donny Osmond in Las Vegas..... I love Candy Floss ....

4.Receiver posts a picture that they love

    Nowadays they aren't together at home very often - and to get a photo  when they are all (nearly ) smiling is quite an achievement...
      5.Tag five more people to pass on the award to and keep it going..

      I don't think these ladies have  already received this award and I'd like to pass it on to them..

      Jacky- She is a very talented lady and I love seeing her creations..
      Karen- Her blog always cheers me up-she takes some brilliant phots and her comments make me smile.She is also a very talented scrapper.

      Suz  This lady makes some wonderful crochet creations and she is so speedy with them it amazes me. She also has an amazing talent for picking brilliant colour combinations .

      Sandi.  Another very talented lady, her scrapping and cards she makes are beautiful.

      Lucy   A crochet blog again...Lucy has  quite a following in crochet blogland and I love the stuff she makes and I love reading her blog.

      So there you have it, and thanks again to Karen for giving me the award..


      Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

      Sweet post, Denise. I had to smile at your Donny Osmond reference. I would LOVE to see him too! Have always loved him since I was a teenager. Ha! So, if you ever make it to Vegas let me know and I'll meet you there! I'm not too far...only one state away. xo

      Sue Pinner said...

      Hi Denise..thanks for the award hehe l've had about 4 in the last week lol...and not very good at doing the required fields for posting but thanks anyway l'm really chuffed
      Hugs Suz x

      humel said...

      Congrats to you :-) That is indeed a lovely photo! xx

      debs14 said...

      Congrats! Are you going to tell American Deb about when you not only saw Donny in concert but went backstage and HUGGED him????

      Scrappi Sandi said...

      Ooooh! Thanks for the award Denise & also for those kind words!

      I love that photo of your boys...I too loathe & detest spiders, but I was in the David Cassidy camp...have to say though, that I can appreciate the appeal of Donny more now that he's matured nicely!!! Hope you make it to Vegas!!

      knitalatte said...

      Congratulations from your other Karen blogger friend.
      You certainly have a great blog and I love stopping by for a visit. Your boys are so handsome. It is funny how hard it is to get pictures of our children when they're older. I remember when my two were little, I could snap away and they would just look up and smile for the camera. Now, I must watch and grab the opportunity when it arises.

      Sian said...

      A well deserved award - I always enjoy coming over here to see what you've been up to :)

      I'm a big candy floss fan too.Love the stuff.