Take That !

A quick post tonight - I've been meaning to scrap this for ages and finally found a tad of inspiration last night after working most of the afternoon. I thought the Rusty Pickle paper worked quite well and used some K & Co wordy things that I got from QVC ages ago,am off to get some dinner now then more work. I started on my mini book for Shimelle's free class as well and have had a disaster - one of the pages has come unstuck and separate from the spine so now I'm not sure whether to start all over again with a new book or split the whole thing up and use the bind it all. I've covered most of it and stuck quite a few photos in ... think the latter option is the best. I've tried to stick the page back but it's not playing ball and now the whole thing is out of shape- what's that about crafter's don't make mistakes ? lol


Surprised myself !

Well,how pleased am I ? I have actually managed to get myself together for Shimelle's latest mini book class. My ickle book arrived this morning all ready to go with the photos I have sorted out and the papers and stickers I managed to get together so I am well pleased. I'm off to work for a few hours now then visiting Dad this afternoon but am looking forward to this evening and having a bit of scrapping time.We had a fab Indian meal in a newish restaurant near us last night and I had a dish which had slices of cooked real coconut slivers in and it was really yummy so that's cheered me up as well! AND one more week and January is over- anyone who works in an accountants will know what I mean !!


Rusty Pickle White Christmas Album

I managed to get a Rusty Pickle Christmas album from The Scrapshed and have been doing it on and off over the last week or so.On Sunday I went to the Craftystash crop and we did a fab layout by Claire Wheatley, unfortunately I had a really bad bad head so I had to leave the crop a bit early but I really loved the layout.I had intended to use an old photo of himself but the colours were not too good so I changed it for one of our dear dog Jess who we lost in October so all was well.So now I'm off back to catch up on some work..


Free Class

Over the last two years as I have got more and more into scrapbooking I have done some great classes with the lovely Shimelle both online and at retreats and crops. She is now doing a free class and you can find it here- should be good. I am off to a school reunion tonight and then off cropping tomorrow - yay, good to escape from the stresses for a while, will report back tomorrow....


The Jersey Boys

We went to see this on Sunday. After a very traumatic day with the headache from hell , the heating still not working and the temperature still at minus goodness knows what I didn't think we were going to get there. Eventually we made it to the theatre with about half an hour to spare and had a lovely meal in the Indian Restaurant just by the theatre. All I can say is that it was brilliant and I would go and see it again tomorrow- specially as I am of an age where I remember the Four Seasons not only for the December 63 era but also in the beginning when they did Walk Like a Man,SherryBaby,Big Girls and lots of others. Am going off to do some scrapping now so will share tomorrow..


Christmas Market Layout

Got round to scrapping a couple of photos from the Christmas Market we went to in Stuttgart in December. Our house is freezing,typical isn't it - the weather hits an all time low and our heating and hot water decides not to work...hope the plumber can come very soon.....


Cold and Snowy Monday

What a way to start a Monday- a light dusting of snow- very pretty but not good to walk to work in.... but good for photos.I worked late tonight as is normal in our office in January - good old tax returns ! After cooking dinner, I decided to get back to it and finish my version of Debbie's ... layout I started at the crop on Saturday....it's late and I just looked outside and it's snowing again. Amazing how peaceful it looks late at night .....


Been Cropping

Yay, back on track! Had a great day today catching up on scrapping time and seeing friends. Things have been so busy lately- back at work all week so there hasn't been any time - so it was great to have a whole day scrapping. We did four classes, one by Alison Doherty, one by Debbie Jewell, a lovely mini book by Ann Freeman and two fab layouts by Shimelle....who also bought along gorgeous pink cup cakes.- yum,thanks Shimelle .......more pics to follow- Debbie's layout and Ann's mini book not yet finished!