A 'Tim' layout

Well, it had to happen, I just got my Photobox order,so decided to scrap the photo of  Mr Holtz and 'lil old me.
I ordered some of the lovely new Prima range and they arrived too.One of them just seemed perfect to me (after trying the photo on a dozen different backgrounds) I went back to the first one I liked!

I thought I might add a couple of close ups...I always like it when other peeps post close ups - so thought I'd give it a go as well......
I wanted to make it a bit 'Tim-esque' (is that a word?) so used some of his letters from his 12 x 12 pad..I also made a bit of a tag.I used some of Wendy Vecchi's new stamps that I bought at the class -amongst other things...I never thought I'd see a spider on one of my layouts ! I used a bit of a mix on here - some Graphic45 paper as well,and some tissue tape on the tag - love that stuff now. One of the new inks I've just bought is Crushed Olive and I've used it so much.I'm getting a bit worried about myself using so much green- I normally don't use it at all.!
And now - I've been a bit naughty .....and bought one of these ...

It arrived this morning and I can't wait to give it a try. I've not had a Big Shot or any of those so it should be fun.. Enjoy your weekend everyone..


Back to scrapping

Last night I sat down and went back to a layout I started before I went to Harrogate and did some other crafty stuff.
I've had these 'Glitz' papers for a while and didn't feel I had the right things to use with them. I sat down and did what May Flaum says - Just sit with some random supplies,photos and embellishments. I had a lot of different things, Dear Lizzie ribbons, and letters, Glitz paper, odd buttons, some butterfly bunting I had left....a grungeboard flower that I stamped with a Wendy Vecchi stamp - an odd journalling note..you get the idea !
Anyway, It didn't turn out bad...

Here's the pages on their own..
I've just got the journalling to do over on the right hand side.
Last week, blimey,how quickly has that week gone? we went to a really lovely retaurant in Harrogate called the Drum and Monkey. It was a lovely cosy place with some really cute lights
It's well known for it's fish there. I had a really nice main course - Scallops on a bed of pea and mint puree ....
I'm definitely going to try and do this - as it was so nice - might try this weekend .
On another subject- is anyone watching Bedlam on Sky on Mondays?

I'm hooked and think Will young is really good in it, quite a yummy cast too :-)


Good time with good friends

Well,what  a great week it's been.Not only a class with the very wonderful Mr Holtz, some good time with himself and some good food in Harrogate,last night was spent in the company of good friends at one of our favourite restaurants.....I've often spoken about this Indian and have 'checked in' a few times on facebook when we've been there- so Deb wanted to see why we go there so much and it was a good excuse to get together and catch up..
When we arrived at the restauraunt last night, me clutching my book that was made in class, Deb very kindly presented me with a lovely Pina Colada and some corn bread she had made from the ingredients Deb turtle had sent her all the way from the USA ..
I shall look forward to sampling this later on today ....
Isn't blogland a wonderful place? I know many knock it and many are very suspicious of posting about life for the world to see,but I've only ever had really good vibes and comments from people. I know there can be some who are silly and spoil it,luckily I've not experienced it-and I've made some wonderful friends via here. I love writing my 'weblog/diary' whatever you like to call it.
Anyway,I digress- we had a fab evening and I think I might have wittered on a bit much about the class and how nice Tim was and how great the book was etc etc etc....but it was lovely to see Deb and her other half and catch up again..
We didn't arrange the seating very well at first as Deb and I were opposite each other rather than beside - which made it a bit difficult to get photos together..

So we did photos as we sat with each other's other half....then moved seats to get one together !
As ususal - the waiters managed to set the fire alarms off with the flaming at the table......
Right then, I'm off now to have a play with my new goodies....have a good Sunday everyone.


Goodies Galore

Isn't it fun when you get to have a look round in new places -Dyan's studio,Art From the Heart in Harrogate is full of really inspiring projects.
 There are lots of vivid colours and mini books and art journals - I was in my element walking round after Tim's class..

Dyan had made special collage tickets for everyone and most of us got Tim to sign them for us...
Her studio was decorated with beautiful paintings and crammed with lovely stuff...I was also  lucky to win a  set of Tim's new release stamps in the name/number draw...these were the stamps I won..

I'd pre- ordered a set of Tim's new Papillon stamps - which had sold out by the time we got to class so I was glad I ordered them first,and a couple of Wendy Vecchi's new bits ...I picked them up and then .....had to have a wander round the shop
and then some ideaology bits fell into my basket and a 12x12 pad.....and some of the new Graphic45 papers...

I had such a lovely time,it was well worth all the overtime in January!! It was nice to combine a couple of days away with it too...I'll post the non -crafty pics later !!


Fabby dabby dooo -Mr Holtz

Is the only way I can describe this morning.I only just made it to class in time as we had a bit of a job finding the place,but all was well and at 9a.m we started on our project. They have a lovely set up at Art From The Heart,the shop and studio are all on  the same level .Dyan has some great altered projects on display- all very inspiring. I made sure it was okay to blog these photos just in case - as he is doing a class at Artsycrafts next week but their project next week is different so - be warned - there may be a few photos !
We were given a whole goodie bag with lots of lovely stuff in to keep as well as our kit - I love that bit at the beginning of class when you see all the lovely things you have to play with.
The first thing was to make the front and back covers,we used Tim's new resist kraft papers which I loved, the papers are embossed and when inked show the embossed design through. These papers should be hitting the shops here soon  I hope.

Then we inked sticky backed canvas and painted grungeboard hinges and stuck them on and secured with brads......The next bit was to distress the pages and envelopes and pockets that go inside the book..
Then Tim showed us how to make a cute flower or rosette with tissue tape - mine could do with being a bit neater but as he said, it's not about being neat and perfect- embrace imperfection !
I didn't take loads of photos of the inside  pages.
 We then made one of the things that I really loved  about the whole thing- the 'dangly bit' that hangs from the spine. We had a pack of bits and pieces with all sorts of ideaology bits in - we made this with pearls,and wings and a typewriter intital,and a crystal on the end.
I've got lots to do to finish it off and decide what to put in the pockets and pages. I might make it a book about my trip or just about the class - can't decide.

I gained a lot from the class- especially from Tim showing us how to use things and giving us ideas of how to use the inks more and little tips...
Here's a closer view of the resist paper that we inked for the covers...and I got Tim to sign the inside cover of my book ......and of  course I had to get a photo for posterity - silly  smile ? me ? noooooo !!
                                            I'll show you my purchases tomorrow :-)


More afternoon tea - at Betty's Tea Room !

Oh my goodness what a great way to start my trip to Harrogate.A nice trouble free journey here- then a leisurely walk in the sun across the park up to Bettty's Tea Rooms which - I hasten to add was as nice as 'The Ritz' (I'm such a name dropper) We thought it was weird the way the two have been one week apart,so we can make a fair comparison !

Betty's is beautiful and cosy inside,the inside walls have beautiful marquetry pictures all the way round.

We had the 3 tier stand with open sandwiches on the bottom,scones in the middle and cakes on the top.
I am a real  lover of mazripan and when they bought one of the cakes up I thought i'd died and gone to heaven......a marzipan cauliflower with sponge inside....
I'm still trying to work out  how to get these photos to be more together - side by side,sorry!....I'm really looking forward to Tim's class tomorrow...hope we're allowed to do photos - and I hope those boys are keeping the place tidy and looking after Archie at home!