Sore Eye Syndrome

I'm feeling sorry for myself at the moment, my eye problem has raised it's  ugly head again and I have had a week of coming home from work and not really wanting to do much that needed concentrating on....so there's nothing very exciting going on crafty wise!....cue bad eye face pose .........beware- no make up shot!

It doesn't seem to want to go away quickly so am persevering with the ointment for a couple more days....
It really does make you appreciate your eyes when something like this happens doesn't it?
My nickname at the moment is 'Cyclops' I seem to be the only one who doesn't think it's funny !!!
At least it has been a nice sunny day today.
As there are a lack of scrappy pics at the moment,here's a couple more pics of when I went for tea at Buckingham Palace - nice smiley memories!

View of the Palace from our car park- you can see how close we were parked which was a great help for Dad.
Proud Dad
Me messing about in the car on the way


Only crochet craftiness this week

This week has flown by and I haven't been in my craft room at all - so no crafty creations ( apart from my crochet silvery grey blanket with the flowers on shown  here . )I've done a couple more squares
I'm loving this pattern but have decided I don't like the Aran weight yarn that the flowers are made from as they seem a bit thick and 'mushy' to me . So I have decided to stick with the double knit weight and also to do all the flowers in this lilac colour rather than different colours. I made a couple of flower squares with the Aran weight but didn't like them so have filed them away in the bin !I had this llac yarn for something else and never got round to starting it so - perfect!
It's all Debbe Bliss Cashmenrino and is lovely and soft - and passes the 'hold it up against your face' soft test !
Oh and I did finish my bag before holiday and did take it away - didn't get time to line it though - ahem - but the one and only photo of it and me is a naff picture of me so you'll have to take my word for it - that it  did come away with us..

Oh alright then - I should stop being so vain shouldn't I ?
and we went to a friends barbeque yesterday- at least it didn't rain although it was cloudy.it was nice to catch up with her again- she used to work with me and moved away to Norfolk but has just moved back down here so it was nice to see her again.
So.... that's a bit of a round up of my week - I'm wanting to go and get my playbook done for Shimelle's Explore class- Macaroni Cheese with sausage and bacon in it tonight  (as apparently it's not dinner if there's no meat in it according to himself) - so once I've made that I might just go and get crafty in my craft room ...enjoy your Sunday - hope it's sunny where you are- it's lovely here.


Explore Day One - Me Myself and I

Day one : 'Take a self portrait ..and maybe show the  tool you use to take it with'....mm...not too scary ....' take a few shots so you can pick a good one'-  took loads and they were all out of focus - should have used the other camera - never mind. it was spontaneous and this is about the most sensible of the lot!

Note to self......after just coming back from holiday,am feeling relaxed - so just make sure you take your time over things, 'calm down and carry on ' as they say. You don't need to do everything at 100 miles an hour .......
Why did I take particular interest in this class?
I love all Shimelle's classes and love receiving those little friendly emails in my inbox every day and look forward to making more friends via Blogland. As always theses classes help me to sit back and look at things around me and inspire me to scap things in my life I would normally think are boring-but then surely that's what scrapbooking's all about  isn't it?


What a difference a day makes

From this yesterday.......

Having a nice relaxedl Pina Colada in the warm balmy evening overlooking the lovely harbour .....
to today .....
rain ,rain and more rain...
and oh what a lovely mess  tidy house we came back to - you only need to wash up once a week right ? and could we find a glass or a bowl in any of the cupboards ?? Oh and the dog lead has gone missing - bless 'em!
Nontheless - we did have a nice break and I did miss my scrapping and can't wait to get back into it... 


A quick sunny hello

I'm being a very lazy girl and am having a break in sunny Portugal - luckily my middle son has lent us his netbook so I've sneaked down to reception where there is a free wifi connection to have a swift surf ( is there such a thing !!) Anyway -himself has done his usual despite me nagging him the first day to be careful and looks like a patchy lobster- so he has had to wear his tee shirt and keep in the shade for two days. The weather is glorious and at last my eye is beginning to feel like it is my eye again and not a grit filled furnace. I think rest has had a lot to do with it. when you sit and think about it - you do use those computer screens lots don't you?
I missed going to the crop on Saturday and am missing my scissors and paper and 'licking and sticking' as himself calls it - but am taking lots of photos of random things...ready to catch up when we get back.
Hopefully the house is not too much of a mess - no doubt they will have a mega tidy the day before we get back...and all the washing will be done .......and apparently the fluffy bundle is not himself and not eating his dinners...I'm sure he is getting lots of cuddles though.
Will catch up with all your blogs very soon - must go- am going to try Monkfish and Prawn Cataplana tonight -Yum ( I hope) .


4 x 6 Photo Love *6*

I've been suffering a bit over the last few days. My eye has been watering from the corner and it was so bad today -it had gone really puffy and red and looked very small compared to the other one and I had a rotten headache too - I'd tried eye wash and dry eye drops but they didn't help. So I went to the pharmacist today who has declared I have an infection in it and has now given me some antibiotic drops to be used every two hours.I'm paranoid about antibiotics as I have a serious allergy to Amoxycillin and am also allergic  to Penicillin  and Septrin- I'm a nightmare when It comes to anything antibiotic-y..anyway I've started the drops and it does feel a tad easier.So I haven't felt much like doing too much using my eyes after a day looking at the screen most of  the time.
Anyway - feeling sorry for myself  half hour is now  over !...... Has anyone signed up for Shimelle's new class 'Explore' ?
I have and as usual am looking forward to it...I've just photographed my layout for the latest Photo Love - using 6 photos this time - I used photos of my eldest at various ages..
and here is one from the Craftystash crop I went to a week or so ago - a certain little dog who did not enjoy his bath and had a very sulky face and would not look at me at all .....


Two Jolly Scrappers went to Three Jolly Scrappers

My friend Jane and I went to a new class yesterday at 3 Jolly Scrappers and we both really enjoyed it.We missed our third scrapper Deb though.
The journey was pretty straightforward and only took an hour - the weather was gorgeous too.
It was a lovely friendly class and the two ladies who run the crops/classes were lovely-especially (Deb you will love this ) when I snipped a big 'v' into the top of my finger when I was making paper flowers....they were on hand straight away with the first aid kit and double plasters (doh!).
There were two classes taught by Annie Hafermann

                                                         The first was a double layout

In the afternoon we constructed a mini book - which I haven't finished yet

Oh and on another subject,I took my bag to work the other day to try and get the ends sewn in etc and was minding my own business doing a bit more of the straps in my lunch hour  and the boss came up - next thing I knew this was happening......
Who said Accountants  are boring with no sense of humour???


The Bag's coming on ....

After the excitement of Wednesday I sat and did some more to my bag last night - It's getting there.Handles made now and the bag is looking a bit  like a bag - just lots of ends to sew in.

I had a go at one of the other squares too- with the little flower on the front - like the picture below-not too sure I like the pink I've done it in though !

I was having  a wander round the garden earlier and we have these amazing conifers appearing on one of our silvery grey fir trees.I wonder if you can  pick them and keep them?

and the Yukka is starting to flower- It hasn't done that for a couple of years so I shall be watching that one ...
Right, time for me to go and get myself ready, I'm actually going out with one of my old school friends fot the evening- haven't done that for ages..Enjoy your Friday whatever you are up to..