More gallery projects

I'm off to Wimbledon today with youngest son, camera is ready,phone is charged,light lunch packed,umberella in bag- fingers crossed it's not toooooo rainy..we've got tickets for court two which should be fun.
Here's a couple more of the projects I did for the ATDML June gallery...
a bit of folding to make this sweet little gift basket - made from just a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock - a nice little gift idea and it's really easy

and another couple of layouts

Right, time to get going- keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain too much !


Cybercrop challenge 4 and June gallery

Another one of the challenges from the ATDML Cybercrop was a sketch challenge..
Here's my version- a precious photo from last year's garden party at the Palace,with some journalling tucked away on the tag. Dad was admiring the delphiniums - love this photo- it's just him..
Now I can share some of the projects I made for the June gallery over at ATDML 
The ladies sent me some gorgeous Webster's pages to work with
Here's a couple of layouts I made
I used a Prima mask for this one 
This was Webster's pages and I used some Tim tape and a Wendy Vecchi stamp to make the flower.


ATDML Cybercrop Challenge 5

I've got a nice day at home to craft away as I please- so first thing this morning I decided to do challenge 5 - entitled Olympic Podium.The challenge was to make a layout using

1  Sheet of cardstock

2  Sheets of patterned paper

3   Photographs.

I raided my stash and used mainly Simple Stories bits

The June gallery is up over on the ATDML website now- you can see some great designs the regular team have come up with and also some from yours truly as I was asked to be guest designer this month.I'll share some later.
Off to play some more -see you later.


Cyber cropping with ATDML

I'm having a lovely crafty day so far - just done Mel's class from last night ..smoked salmon sandwiches for lunch - yum


Shimelle's Starting Point

i've not had much to blog lately as I was chuffed to be  asked to guest design again for A Trip Down Memory Lane this month - so haven't been able to show what I've been playing with.Won't be long before they go up on the gallery now though.

After having sorted out lots of stuff over at Mum and Dad's house, I decided to tackle the mess that is my craft room....blimey- how do you accumulate so much? I have been very good and put stuff aside to sell on Ebay- put some aside for son's girlfriend,thrown the umpteen teensy bits of paper away and am generally doing quite well! It's amazing the things you find though - things that you forgot you had ( did I say that?!!)
Anyway, I had a night off from sorting last night and sat at my now huge space to craft in - no more 4 inches square - oh no - it's a whole desk worth....and made a layout with Shimelle's starting point...

scrapbook starting point

                                                    and here's mine...

 I used a bit of a mix of stuff-and Dear Lizzy's camera and smile stamps..We went to a school reunion a while back and it's me with two schoolfriends in the pics.

Only two weeks now till we go to Wimbledon,not everyone's cup of tea I know, but I'm really looking forward to it.Please don't let it be rainy ( some hope there! ). We have had a bit of sun today though- fingers crossed.
Thanks for stopping by..


Ten on the 10th

Here's a little round up of ten thing in my life at the moment..it's good to have these to look back on isn't it?
Time for tubs and plants and things - it is June I think - you wouldn't believe it looking at the weather lately....
Dad's garden - am trying to keep it nice until the new people move in...
family time at the weekend..
Using our vouchers from Heartbeat radio for a lovely pub meal...
A great bank holiday Jubilee weekend..photo from Google images
He just had to pull a stupid face when I needed to take a photo of him when I realised he had borrowed eldest son's new shoes- after we had been out for a curry...

Chicken Tikka Bhuna - rice and Bombay Aloo - staple friday night dinner lately!
sorting through stuff at mum and dad's and coming across little gems - I loved that dress with the ruffle at the top- think I was about 7..
A grand night out with the boys ...
To see Coldplay in London.. 


Fan dabby dozy...

This is one of those 'just a photo' posts.... 



That was the week that was

Last week was a tough one for me...things are moving on.I said goodbye to the old car.Hard,very hard, but it was no good her being in the garage doing nothing- Dad would have wanted her to be used -so she has gone on to newer pastures.

Yesterday it was time for the Eclectic crop.We had such a lovely day...as always.
Karen made some Jubilee cupcakes and yummy they were too

Karen and I took a photo of each other taking a photo of each other!
and I managed to finish a layout that Karen had designed for the last ATDML retreat
It was a lovely page to do - lots of cutting out of and making flowers- just perfect for me to sit and fiddle....
The weekend has been full on so far,all three boys here and lots going on..
BUT the really exciting thing (well- for me anyway) is that yesterday on a whim,eldest son decided it would be a really good idea to see if there were any tickets left for Coldplay's concert tonight -once he said that -I was on a mission and we've got tickets and are off tonight.Can't wait. I'm going with eldest and youngest sons ( himself didn't fancy it -tut) 
Oh- and Happy Jubilee Ma'am