A couple more pages

As I walked from the car park to work the other day, it was a lovely warm morning and it struck me how everything is suddenly bursting into bud and spring is in the air.As all us scrapbookers do I took some photos of random things but I really liked one of the tree in blossom so decided to scrap it. I also took some photots of Archie who is really getting quite grown up now. The papers were all from the Jenni Bowlin March kit which is scrummy..lover her stuff.


Just Me

Over at the Scrapagogo Clubhouse, there is a challenge for all the peeps who are going to the retreat in June to do a layout about ourselves using 5 facts about us to share with others and it must include the colours Orange Green and Yellow. Well, it's a tad hard to think of 5 things to say about yourself!. I managed the layout anyway with a photo that was taken of me by my friend Hilary when we were at the retreat last year which I think is 'just me '!....


Another page and another project

I had to take this photo of our little dog Archie, he is 7 months old now and had a lovely day sunbathing in the garden and I thought this pic was so cute of him! I finished another one of this lady's projects - I changed the front slightly but it is a really clever little mini book as it has loads of little flaps that flatten into pages when you open it but it closes down neatly.
I also did a page of one of the photos of himself and me that I really like.


A finished project

When I went to the Scrapagogo retreat last year, one of the classes was a lovely acrylic double sided frame to display a photo on each side. I started the project in class and never got round to finishing it.It would have been mum's 80th birthday today and I really wanted to finish the frame cos I have a couple of lovely photos of her. Well of course I couldn't find it where I thought it was - but I eventually found it and have completed it, but only from a photo that I took in the class as I can't find the page of instructions we were given with it.Anyway I'm glad I got round to it eventually and I made a couple of cards as well.


Finally finished it

I have had this project sitting about for ages - it was a Shimelle free class.I had had a bit of a disaster with it and lost the oomph to finish it. Anyway,as I had started it I thought I would go back to it and try to salvage it- then I thought I could use the bind it all to bind it together and surprisingly I managed to get the holes all in the right places and it has turned out ok!


Landmarks and 'there' divider page

I've been catching up on Here There and Everywhere class - the latest one for me was 'landmarks'. Well...as far as landmarks go near me I don't think there are many really interesting ones,I covered the lovely church on the previous pages - so not many photos on this one - just the landmark of the lamp post I walk past daily whilst thinking of all that has to be done etc etc. I've also done my 'there' divider.So am now off to gather some more photos and thoughts for my 'there' section..


More HTE pages and title page

I had a crafty afternoon yesterday before celebrating Mum in Law's 89th birthday - it seemed a bit weird making a card for 'Mum' as mine is no longer around to have a card but guess that's just one of those other things I'll have to get used to now.. I managed to make my title page for Shimelle's class and one of the dividers, also the commute pages too. I love love the October Afternoon weathervane range, it really suits this project. I made a nice quick and easy card for mum in law with one of the QVC 'lady' kits and she really liked it ! I thought red would be nice and bold for her to see.