Yahoo for the weekend

Well, in the words of whoever,here comes the weekend.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend for a couple of reasons...
  • It's the Ectectic Keepsakes crop tomorrow - a Shimelle class for the whole day-woo hoo
  • Home in the evening for more scrapping as the men are all going to footie and partying after as it's the last game of the season so I have the evening to myself.
  • There is a cyber bloggy party going on,starting at 10 pm Saturday evening US time and 6 am our time,where there are about 20 peeps playing along after having altered the same item that Rinda hs sent out to us all -check back Sunday and you'll see what it's all about....
  • Sunday is our youngest son's 19th birthday,yep April and May are very busy birthday months in our house..and we are out for a nice meal in the evening
  • NO WORK Monday !!

So all I have to do now is go and prepare the old Tote, get the inks and sticky stuff ready,pack plasters in case my friend Deb injures herself again ( what's that saying about lightning not striking twice ??) Let's hope not !! Make sure I've got photos sorted - still not sure which ones to go with...

Whatever you are doing,hope it's a good one for you.....oh dear ,time for me to retreat to craft room, himself has just put AC/DC live on the TV - LOUD ...lol


A week already

Blimey,has it been a week since I last posted? Nothing very crafty happening,I made a card for a friend at work and forgot to take a photo (doh!)
I've started on another Granny ripple blanket as eldest son and his girlfriend want one for snuggling on their sofa,so that was it, I was off,casting on 188 or however many stitches it was! Am out for the evening tonight as it's my birthday,so am looking forward to that and will have camera in hand too.Had some lovely hand made cards as well which was really lovely and a 'moonpig'one with a very fetching monkey on the front and sentiment that made me smile!...

Wandering to work the other morning,I suddenly realised how everything is really springing to life,lovely time of year isn't it?


A scrappy evening

It was quite a busy day at work today as one of the partners was due to fly back tomorrow.Because of the volcanic dust situation he is now stuck in Singapore.Well there are always deadlines in our work,especially at the end of the month which is looming- so the other partner (his wife) had to call a mini meeting where we talked about ways and means around things should the need arise if he didn't get back.Anyway the wonders of technology have come to the rescue and he's managed to secure an internet connection at certain times so all is not lost...we hope !!
I've had a really nice evening scrapping a couple of photos from a day out I had a while ago and a couple of photos,one from the recent retreat and one from last November.I've also been googling pics of this man ....isn't he yum? After reading my friend Deb's post earlier today,it reminded me that we have both really liked him over the years and got me thinking about who I prefer - Mr Mc Dreamy or Tom ? tough choice - anyone else out there like either of them?
Hmmmm better get on and post those photos...


A house party,a reunion and a crop

Wow,what a busy weekend,I was really pleased to receive an air mail envelope from the lovely Rinda on Friday for the house party she is hosting.Something new to me but seems like it will be great fun.There are a few of us who are all decorating houses that Rinda has sent us and we are to photograph it and blog it in May.

Then last night himself and I went to a school reunion after he had been to Spurs and they had beaten Chelsea, he was buzzing- we had a great evening catching up with old school friends,it was a real tonic and really did us both good to catch up and laugh so much.

and then today I spent at the Craftystash Crop at Welwyn,the class included two layouts - I only managed to complete one.They were colours that I love,purples and lilacs - ideal for a photo I have of Mum and one of me which I've yet to finish off.


Another project and they lost the cup

It has been my eldest son's 25th birthday today (where has that time gone- and how old does that make me feel!).Every Thursday in our house is 5 a side night followed by Fish and Chips. Last week was crunch week and they won the League so there was much excitement in the house particularly as himself is the manager,so he was a very proud Dad/manager.Well,tonight they were up for winning the challenge cup and sadly they lost in the final so it wasn't a very good result for the birthday boy.Never mind at least they won last week.

While they were out I finished another project from the retreat at the weekend,a hanging frame by Clare.Another night of crafting tomorrow as they are all going to London to the Comedy Club for son's birthday- so it's a bit of crafting then Ashes to Ashes then Dancing with the Stars - perfect!


Scrapper's Paradise

I've just come back from a brilliant weekend of scrapping, with my friends Hilary and Ann and some friends I met last year at the retreat and awesome classes organised by the lovely ladies Mel and Jill from ATDML.
I had a creative time making a mini book,card,five layouts and did a teensy bit of shopping including a fabbie American Crafts pink swirly covered album that sat right at the front asking me to buy it...still got a class layout to finish and two books, so have lots of inspiration to keep me going for a while.Here's a couple of mixed photos,one general and one of some of the creations from the weekend,oh and I forgot the little flowery circle make and take too.


Great to have them home and Chipboard

The following photo just had to be taken,it was Easter Sunday and the three boys had just all arrived together, the two younger ones are here from Uni and the eldest was round for the day as his girlfriend was out with her mum for the day.It was the first time they'd got together for quite a while. It really made me smile when no sooner had they sat down,they were all deep in techno stuff! They can't last without their Ipods and Laptops and phones to play games on can they ?

I did my chipboard page for Shimelle's class over the weekend, I've really enjoyed this class of 'stash busting'.Just one more to go I think.I haven't done any crocheting for a few days and I've really missed it.I've been busy printing photos off getting ready for the ATDML retreat at the weekend, can't wait.


Happy Easter

Isn't it lovely to see some sun again? Hope it stays all day. Yesterday I spent with two good friends Deb and Jane (who hasn't got a blog - yet!)

at the second Eclectic Keepsakes crop. The main class of the day were two gorgeous cards designed by SJ Dowsett- who had dreamed up and drawn two lovely characters called Phoebe and Justin.Really enjoyed doing these for a change.

The two Karens had also come up with a sketch challenge which we all had a go at.So a good day was had by all.The time seemed to go really quickly and by the time I got in it was a quick shower and make up job then out to an 18th/50th joint party for a friend of himelf's.There was the usual catching up with footie chat and 'murder on the dance floor' to Abba !



The next prompt for Shimelle's class is to find some buttons to use and of course I managed to find a few.Mind you - you can never find the actual colour and size of exactly what you want even when you have lots can you?.I spent yesterday in bed with a really bad migraine,it upset my whole system,so am feeling a bit cheated. The one time you get to have time off work and I spend it in bed. Hey ho never mind,am feeling much better today although a tad delicate.
So anyway,when we got our little Archie he always made the boys laugh as he sat there with his paws crossed like a girl. I managed to get some photos of him like that and thought this was a good opportuniity to scrap one. He still does it now and still makes us smile.Am off scrapping today with Eclectic Keepsakes and am looking forward to it lots.Have a great day everyone.