Yahoo - it worked

I'm scheduling this to post tomorrow(Friday).. so fingers crossed it works.....
I am SO relieved, I've been fiddling about on here for at least three evenings on and off - having nearly completely given  up and lost my blog in the wilds of cyberspace forever and all because I wanted to put a new header on! I lost the background and couldn't get to the website I found it on originally so changed the layout ...then it kept telling me I'd run out of space in my Picasa web album ( I didn't even know I had one !!) Then it gave me the option of downloading Google Chrome - which I did and totally lost the plot as it wanted Windows updates too......
I'm now using this via Google chrome and am not looking forward to the others in the house asking me what has gone on and how they get on t'internet....
I think I've finally got it back to resemble something like it used to look like (ish)
Change is as good as a rest they say don't they?
Anyway, on to crafty things...
I was feeling a tad grungey a few evenings ago and decided to break into the latest GottaCraft kit. I always love what Sandra puts together.I challenged myself to use some Tim stamps as it just seemed to lend itself to them.

Dad is still in hospital and still very poorly, so I'm still backwards and forwards every day.I'm trying to fit some crafty stuff in to keep normality here.


ATDML guest designer- Simple Stories

I was chuffed to be asked for a second time to be a guest designer for A Trip Down Memory Lane's  gallery this month.
The range to work with was  Simple Stories .It actually got me crafting again as it's been a bit un-crafty around here lately,and when I shut myself away in the room of stash I actually really enjoyed it.I surprised myself and came up with quite a few once I got going.. Mel has been poorly and I was a tad late getting my creations to her so they are not on the gallery as yet,but you can see the other great projects the team have come up with here... their designs are all varied and beautiful as always....Here's what I came up with.

The main themes for these papers were travel and life documented,but the ladies also said if you had any 'yearography' projects to send those too....
 This is one of my favourite photos of my middle son and his girlfriend - I used one of the new EK success dimensional flower punches for the flower..

I was really on a roll and got going on a mini book too

I won't bore you with too many of the pages

......and I made a tag too...

I've been itching to blog these as I haven't had a lot else to talk about really - Dad is in hospital again so I'm over there after work every evening and by the time I get back and have dinner it's too late to do a lot else.Hope you all have a great Saturday.


Hello world

Where on earth has the last week and a bit gone??
My life at the moment has been in and out of the car travelling to dad's - shopping - washing- making numerous visits to the chemist and the hospital  as well as working-. So life - as we know it Jim -has kind of been on hold.. Dad is starting to feel a tiny bit stronger each day - we have to go back and forth to the hospital weekly for warfarin blood tests to check levels and have some care into place now ,so I hope things will start to even out a tiny bit now.
I've really really missed my bloggy visits and am now taking some time out to have a surf around and see what has been going on...
I really really want to try and do Project Life this year, but it's printing photos out (or having some to print!!) each week that is the problem for me - and do I really want to be reporting on hospital stuff and all that ? I suppose that's what it is - life !

I hardly took any photos over Christmas and New Year but have one of a card I made in December for a friend and also a couple of random Christmas ones of a certain little dog who had a new coat - his real one's not warm enough !!!!