The prompt for using flowers up was a great one as I have -er just a few flowers to use up! I've had some photos of mum that I've wanted to do something with and sitting on the desk were the chipboard stickers that were left after I used some on the stickers page and seeing the word 'shine' just seemed to fit so well with my feelings and it all came together in my head.I had some little paper roses on a card that I've had for ages so I stuck them onto a chipboard heart that I painted with a dabber first.After that I found some nice Prima flowers to dot round andabout the photos.

I also said after the Craftystash crop that I would post the third page I made from the leftovers of the kit when it was finished so here it is.Plain and simple.A Day at the Tower.


Stickers and a finished Ripple

Finally, I've sewn all the ends in on my Granny Ripple blanket... taddaaaaaaa !I've already started on another one with some really bright wool but this time it's a closer pattern than the last one.I just love sitting working on these hooky projects.

Anyway,the next prompt for Shimelle's class is to use stickers.I initially thought I didn't have any stickers,but amazingly (!) I found loads !! So I set to with a photo of himself and me and kept it pretty plain whilst using some chipboard K & Co stickers I've had for years.This class is certainly good for using up stuff- what it's meant for I spose !


Page Protectors ?

Shimelle's prompt today was all about using page protectors in our scrapping.I would never in a million years have thought to use these for actual pages but when you sit down and try it's not such a weird idea! I'm not really focusing on any special subject for this project,I'm kind of using any photos that take my fancy.I think that ties in with the theme of using up stuff doesn't it??


What a lovely Sunday ...

What a difference a bit of sunshine can make. Yesterday was nothing but rain rain and more rain here but today has been gorgeous. I've had a really nice day today. It was the monthly Craftystash crop day today and the designer of the layouts was Michelle Jackson Mogford. Her pages were very grungey which I really enjoyed especially as the theme was masculine.The photos I'd got ready seemed to fit ok with the pages so I was happy! I managed to get a third layout from the kit but it's not quite finished yet so will post later. Himself was working today catching up and when he got in was a bit stressed as he hadn't got quite to the point he wanted to today (anyone who knows us will know that would drive him nuts !) Anyway, he declared he needed to busy himself so has been cutting the grass at 100 miles an hour and is now sweeping the patio ( he always sweeps when he's stressed !) So here's me sitting here after wandering round the garden pointing out the things that have popped their heads up and casually taking photos of said plants - getting in his way ..lol..and now blogging my thoughts. I'm very very tempted to say let's have an Indian buffet later and then it will be a good evening too - Dancing on Ice and Boyzone ... hope he says yes he fancies Indian buffet too ....


All Grown Up

The prompt for yesterday was to use up some odd cardstock.I've got lots of odd bits, and found some that was quite masculine and set to with photos of Will when he was young and now. I'm liking using 6x12 as it's nice and easy to just cut a 12x12 in half and the pages do seem to come together quickly. I've had a brown corduroy 6x12 American Crafts album sitting in a box for ages so I'm going to use it for this class.
So now a certain person has had her birthday I can blog the card I made for her.I've got out of the habit of making cards lately so it was nice to make one for a change.
Oh and here's the cover of the album for 'Life Tunes' class. Have a good Friday everyone, it'll soon be the weekend.


Paper scraps and ribbons

The last two prompts from Shimelle in her new online class were to use up scraps of paper on one and ribbons on the other.

Well, like many other scrappers out there I have loads of scraps of offcuts that you just can't throw away- just in case ! and also loads and loads of ribbons.When I moved into my new craft room last year,I did actually manage to sort all my ribbons into colour themed plastic baskets so I had no trouble finding some ribbon to use on a page either.
I'm also doing an online class with 'Big Picture Scrapbooking ' called 'Life Tunes'. Its a subject close to my heart - music in my life.This is something I've wanted to do for ages so I figured I'd give it a go.I've just managed to do the cover tonight so it's drying off at the moment.- Going off now to do a bit more on the old crocheted blanket !


A nice surprise

Picture the scene, the end of a busy week, raining,cold Mother's Day on Sunday.I was feeling a bit tired and thinking about my Mum - on the way home from work I bought a lovely little white basket with lilac campanula planted in it to put beside her photo on our sideboard. One because it's Mother's Day on Sunday and two because it would have been her 81st birthday on Monday, so a nice little basket was just the ticket. I'd decided not to take flowers to the church as it's still pretty frosty and they wouldn't last very long and she wouldn't have liked that. Anyway I was wondering what to have for dinner as himself was out on the Razz with eldest son and his friend going to see an 'AC DC 'tribute band, as I walked in to the house I was surprised to see our youngest son. He had come home for the weekend totally unexpectedly,and he'd bought a lovely bunch of flowers too. My mood lifted straight away and the house is now alive with noise and washing ! Amazing how us Mums are so easily pleased isn't it ?


New class

Shimelle's new class kicked off on Wednesday and the idea is to use up stash that we have sitting around - now what a brilliant idea. Shimelle has such a good way of inspiring you to think about the everyday things around you and making you realise they are interesting enough to scrap.

The first prompt is to make a header page using any brads or metal items you may have lurking.

I,like many others -have a pot full of all kinds of brads and I ferreted around and found some Tim Holtz keys and a lovely metallicy butterfly that has been sitting on my shelf for ages. It sat there cos It was too nice to put away and forget to use.There,I knew it would be perfect for a project sooner or later!


It's growing !

Every spare moment I've had over the past couple of weeks has found me curled up on the sofa with crochet hook in hand and wool in t'other hand.Granny Ripple blanket is growing nicely and I am running out of 'nice' colours. I've really enjoyed getting back into the swing of it and will soon have a nice new blanket to snuggle up into on the sofa.I've been trawling the blogs and found a few really interesting ones - especially this one and this one . Some peeps out there are very generous with posting of instructions and pictures - and thanks to Sandra and Karen for their links too.
So how many of you readers have signed up for Shimelle's new class ? Quite a few methinks,and now I am off to go and read the first prompt and attempt to make 'something from almost nothing' Can't wait.


A New Crop

I spent a lovely day yesterday at a new crop organised by the lovely Karen and Karen collectively known as Eclectic Keepsakes. The venue was in Marks Tey,nice and easy to get to.
There were a couple of ladies there who I knew,and the lovely ladies from A Trip Down Memory Lane came and bought lots of goodies from their shop which made it even nicer ! I so love having a browse mid crop and as usual they had some gorgeous things which were far too tempting not to buy:-)
We had a morning doing our own thing and then the class was in the afternoon. it was a Hybrid class which made a change for me. I enjoyed the day, the cake, the tea, the class and the company and will certainly go again so thanks ladies.
It's freezing out today so I have had a day crafting - I finished the class pager from yesterday which I made into a page of old and new photos of my eldest son and me and called it - er then and now !! I also got a page done of a Craftystash class from way back in November 08 so was very pleased about that. I bought some lovely Graphic 45 papers from the ATDML shop yesterday and have made a couple of cards with them - one is using some of the older papers from Graphic 45. I haven't quite finished the one with the die cuts I bought yesterday but will post when I have.
So, a very nice couple of crafty days have been just the ticket for me.

Oh and the Granny Ripple blanket is coming on a treat ! Will post pics later .


More signs of spring and a party

Blimey where has that week gone? I've been pretty busy lately.We had a family party for Mother in law at the weekend and I woke up on the morning of the party with the worst migraine ever and the more I tried to make it go away the more stresed I got and the more it banged.You know when you get that feeling where you just can't relax and it won't go? Anyway,himself went over to help set up etc and I managed to get there for when it started at 2 o'clock.It all went very well and was held in a lovely room at the college where my sister in law works.I made Mum in law a card which was based on one that was on show at 'Pickleberry Papercrafts ' when we went down for a visit recently.It was a Valentine card and when I saw it I thought the little girl decoupage would be perfect for a 90th birthday.
I managed to take a lot of photographs but some didn't come out very well, not being the best with a camera I'm not good with lighting but at least we have some nice memories for maybe a scrapbook later.I loved one that I took of two of my sons my Dad and other half,real shame the middle son wasn't in it though,great to get them ALL smiling!
On another note,I'm having some days off this week so am loving being able to crochet my blanket, it's growing lots,and it was sunny yesterday and how lovely to see the Snowdrops peeping through.