Scrapbook Remix - Part One

Shimelle's new online class started this week and is all about using up patterned papers that we may have a stash of. Well,I certainly do have a few that could be used up...
The first idea is to find some papers that are basically all in the same shades of one colour....
I kind of stuck to it - I had two or three half pages of Dear Lizzie papers and went with those.. I love these photos of Dad last year - he was at our house watching the wedding of  William and Kate sitting with Archie - fond memories indeed. I strayed off colour a bit with the embellishments but - I love the layout- so that's the main thing.
It's getting a bit busy here this evening - I'm off on a weekend retreat tomorrow. I should really be packing totes and mini totes. Photos are all ready,so that's a start!

Here's another little card I made last night ..
Better go and get sorted, I'll try and post a bit from there during the weekend.


Coming up roses

I had a card making session a couple of nights ago - I was banished  to the craft room as there was footie on (not that I minded) 

I made a card like the one I taught last year at Eclectic's crop.It's always nice to do this for a special birthday or someone special. So easy to fold too.

They're all a bit flowery this time ( no surprises there for me !) 

and one more 

I excelled myself last night and made Jamie Oliver's haddock and corn chowder-with spiced prawns (and boy were they spicy) it went down well though. I did take photos as I was doing it but not sure Its really that interesting to post about !...steak Indian style tonight - didn't photograph any of that though.
Thanks for popping by.


Simply a moment

The trees are still this morning.Rick Stein is chatting away in the background on tv and It's Saturday again. I've just been doing a bit of blog hopping reading some lovely moments from bloggy friends inspired by Alison's blog  and decide to join in - I'm sipping my tea thinking how things have changed from this time last year...my mind wanders every now and then to sadder things - how stressed I was,how unknown it all was when it all began and I snap myself out of gloomy feelings. There are about twelve layouts laying on the side in the craft room - I really must get them in an album. I smile to myself as I think about all my stuff  that himself had placed on our table in the dining room that I'd left laying all over the place - yes I'd been tidied again..and true to form I have not done anything with it - just to make a point.... like it really matters in the great scheme of things....

The dog is padding about behind me and is watching something in the garden- has she thrown her crusts out for the birds again and not given me any? Christmas is not that far away now and two sons have declared they are going to be going away just afterwards-I'm happy they are happy and grateful they will be around for Christmas day...

 A growl and bark from the other room breaks the silence and I jump back into reality- yay it's my Next delivery- new rug time - I haven't ordered anything for the home for ages..time to get the scissors and attack the parcel.Looking forward to a nice few hours of doing exactly what I want - heating on - and Strictly tonight too...

Tough choice.....

So - today I'm home alone whilst they are all away at a very important football game ( yes,another really important one!)..... and I've got a few choices ....
                                                     Brush the dog
Do a bit of crocheting

                                                   Watch a bit of craft on tv
Sort out photos for the retreat next weekend

Do a bit of crafting

                                          or go and do the shopping
 Hard choice but i think the crafting might win..


Hello -Tuesday

I missed Hello Monday yesterday - due to the fact that I was saying hello headache.I haven't had such a bad bad one for a while.I took one of my migraine pills but had to give up at work at lunchtime. So most of Monday was spent in a dark bedroom with a freezing cold flannel on my head and a bowl beside me - does anyone else out there suffer? I always seem to want either salty crisps or really cold milk on cereals with sugar when It's starting to go. No- I'm not going loopy - I really do!
So what am I looking forward to ? - well not much really ...

Hello : Another week closer and no Christmas cards made

Hello: I need to get another tote on wheels as the zip on my Papermania one is giving up- I'm not having a lot of luck finding many though - don't people buy them nowadays ?

Hello: Trainer city - it's a joke in our house - two boys and one husband - the boys/grown up boys  have two big plastic boxes just inside our garage to put their trainers in - but it's much easier to throw then inside the door rather than put them in the boxes
Himself's trainers ...yep- neat and tidy
Hello : to trying another Tescos in the next town as our local one is cutting out so many ranges it's getting very annoying - and himself has asked so many times now for Topics and Banana Angel delight we are boycotting !! How can they possibly not get them in ??? Oh and they've stopped doing Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion crisps - now that is really not on..... (and that's me saying that) 
Hello : to scraping frost off the car this morning- yes it's certainly looking more like Autumn..


Hello Monday

What am I saying hello to this week?

Hello to: Counting down to scrapping retreats -  one coming up at the end of the month.

Hello to : Uploading photos to Photobox in readiness for those classes..

Hello to :  Trying some more recipes - Jamie Oliver's' Crusted Cod' went down a treat,as did 'Pregnant Jools's Pasta' ...

Hello to : Booking Christmas Dinner out for the first time ever - can't face it not being the same this year at home...

Hello to : Making some more cards for a change.

Hello to : The time of year when you think of Jacket Potatoes and getting back into boots and crocheting and fireworks and all those dark evening things.

Hello to : Not long till Lionel Richie at the O2


Smiley mum time

I did manage to get a couple of smiles out of him- just! He wasn't happy with mum buzzing about taking  photos though- doesn't he realise I need lots of photos to scrap??


A couple of cards

Do you ever get those times when you just want to sit and play with nice easy stuff ?
It's been busy this week what with getting back from hols and going back to work - a vat return to get done at home,and now we are off again to go to son's graduation.It's going to be a bit emotional as there is someone who won't be there this time- but I'm sure he will be around us somewhere.
It's a time to celebrate the good isn't it ?

Anyway,I digress- I sat down with a Kanban kit I bought a whole back and made a couple of cards and a layout.The bits were all there - nice and easy- it was just what I needed.I don't buy so many 'kits' like this now but this one is really pretty.

and here he is posing in his suit ready for the off two nights ago...he went off Tuesday - I hope he's got his cap and gown by now......


Wordless Wednesday

                                              Wish we had these here...