The second layout

This is the second of Michelle's layouts from the weekend. We used a paint splatter technique on the paper to start us off - made a bit of a mess on the pavement outside!
I must admit I wasn't loving the threading of the beads for the wirey bit at the bottom of the layout but eventually liked the end result, although it was very nearly abandoned a couple of times- I couldn't get the knack of keeping the shape and  threading the beads... there was a lot of ' leg  jiggling ' going on !I definitley think if ever the chance arises - jewellery making is not for moi !
It's going to be another crafty day tomorrow as I am off  to a new one for me- with Ifa Zainon - I shall be meeting the lovely Deb there too- so we should have a fun day.
Now- it's Friday-its the return of Strictly Come Dancing tonight - can't wait won't wait!


3 Jolly Scrappers

I had a lovely day yesterday,at a workshop run by 3JollyScrappers with the lovely Michelle Jackson Mogford.
A day's scrapping is always a real tonic to lose yourself in for a while.
Michelle had designed 3 layouts with the kit - I only managed to finish one - part do another and haven't even started the third yet I'll post the others when I've done them - here's the one I did finish - loved it.

The papers were Glitz designs.We did lots of inking and flower making - I really liked the idea of the door revealing a second photo too.
It was good to come home to Downton Abbey last night -I'm really enjoying this second series,anyone else out there liking it too ?

Picture from
 Google Images


LSNED days 20-21-22

Day 20: If I think about what kind of defines me or what is my signature or what is just me- It would most definitely be -florals...whenever there is a choice to be  made.I can't help it, I always go for florally stuff.
When I first got married 30 something years ago, the one thing I soooo wanted was Laura Ashley florally/cherry curtains in my kitchen...I managed to find a pic on google images that is almost the same as they were....I' ve always been a florally/swirly type of girl. My latest Cath Kidston cushions are not that dissimilar !

Day 21: There are still signs of summer hanging around especially when the sun comes out for a while- and upgrading my phone was such a good idea....

Day 22: This year things are not so easy as they have been in the past couple of years for me.There are changes around me with more boys leaving home for their new lives and my Dad's not so good and is having quite a trying time of it lately. I'm hoping that I have the mix just about right and am managing to still spend time with my favourite hobby - preserving those memories be them good,bad or inbetween- so - no regrets on any front really...hopefully I am being a good mum, good daughter, good wife and good employee!


Shiny head club :-)

It's a bit of a joke in our house - my other half always has the mickey taken out of him about his 'shiny head'. I must add that he is very quite capable of dishing out a lot bit of mickey taking and does take it back well...
I had this photo from our holiday and was going to make a layout- when the boys joked that it looked a bit 'shiny head clubby' so it put me off and I left it out..don't ask me why, but I was fiddling about with some pink and bluey scraps of paper  last night- one being the really glitzy shiny glittery My Mind's Eye paper left from Ann's class at the Eclectic Crop,and the idea just came to me to use the shiny head photo on the shiny paper.

I sprayed quite a lot of glimmer mist over the whole thing too..

Just to make sure it was shiny!


Back AND front !

When our son graduated last year, I took the usual 'lots' of photos and have scrapped some of the main ones that I really liked, but as always - I still have quite a lot that I love and haven't done anything with.
I kept saying before and on the day 'we must get a photo of your back as well as your front' and it became a bit of a leg pull for the others about me - mum wants a picture of the back etc etc.... so without further ado  here it is. I used Sandra's  latest  Gottacraft kit -which as always had a great mix of papers and embellishments,I added some of my own letters for the title.


LSNED day 19

I  learned that - I am a very bad girl when I see new Christmas papers and things...I've ordered some of this...

and one of these......
It's fun having something to look forward to making though isn't it??
What with these and  my card kit I should be kept quiet for ages AND totally organised ..... (hmmmmm) !


LSNED day 18

I learned something today that I kind of already knew ......
It really really does make such a difference to a certain male person's mood around here when he comes home from watching his favourite obsession team play footie and they have won- there was me minding my own business trying to take a 'self portrait' and in he comes and says- oooh let me be in it !.....


LSNED day 16 and 17

I learned on the the 16th- that when Dads are on their own in the world- and are up against it -you worry about them just as much as you do your sons...in just the same way,but are in a funny way still their little girl

Day 17 : I learned that you can get that blind put up eventually if you just drop a little hint that it's been hanging around for 3 weeks and aren't there any of the right screws available - especially if you have a willing er helper .....


LSNED 11 -15

It's weird how you go along on a roll and then you lose a day and it throws you all out - I've been keeping things in mind every day

day 11: Hinself's Alice Cooper obsession will never wane

day 12: I love to sit and do a bit of hooking when there is lots going on round me - it calms me.

day 13:Worrying all day about having a troublesome tooth out doesn't help at all !

day 14:I really can't create in a 7 inch square of space in my craft room - I must put  punches and things away as soon as I 've used  them.
Cue embarrasing photo...... perhaps  if I post it small it won't look so bad .....

day 15: my reasons for doing this ...I haven't really stuck rigidly to Shimelle's prompts but this year I'm doing it more as a kind of diary for me and I'm enjoying  it. I really like looking back on these projects year after year to see how life has changed for me.This time last year i was looking forward to seeing Michael Flatley.
 Three layouts from exactly this time last year - has my style changed ? don't think so - and I still love that pale blue and white damasky Jenni Bowlin paper!  do you have one ( or more ) papers that you absolutely love and no matter how old it is you still love using it?


4 x 6 Photo Love *7*

Shimelle is certainly keeping me busy  lately and I must admit I am rather likiing it....
I've loosely tried to keep up with LSNED this week,so will be blogging pages soon.
I certainly learned yesterday that worrying all day about having a troublesome tooth out didn't help one little bit - and the more you worry - the worse you feel so it's best not to.
Here's my July photo love layout - better late than never eh?


Shimelle's Starting Point Challenge

This is Shimelle's starting point ....
and this is what I came up with..

and now I'm off to the dentist's - wish me luck !


Hooky stuff

I still love to sit and do a bit of hooking, it's taking my mind off the fact that I have an appointment at a special dental clinic tomorrow to have the tiny bit of tooth that's left out -I might be a  bit quiet tomorrow evening!
I've been sitting doing some at lunchtime sometimes at work too -it does grow quickly when you get going.

It's dark so early now,time to settle down - dog at my feel, hook in hand, cup of tea, lovely!
I really want to have a go at  Lucy's Blooming Flower Cushion  as well, note to self - really must not start any more yet! but it does look fun.....


Alice who ?

Imagine my delight when I got home last night to find a very excited other half beside himself...
My son picked a parcel up for him on Saturday from the sorting office and he hadn't had chance to open it until yesterday.....
There it was spread out - all over the kitchen (where else?)

There was much excitement because he had two posters - one of which had himslef's name printed on it (he's actually highlighted his name in pink highlighter - but I don't think you can quite see it ) the reason for this was if you subscribed to this one off 'special' you got a poster with your name on it amongst x amount of others....apparently it is being framed and put in the lounge ( I don't think so ) Might have to break that one to him gently!
Not only did you get the new album, you got a special magazine,a mask ( to go with the other one from the concert that sits on his memo board), the new album, make up, a special edition magazine, AND -
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear- a rubber stamp.....
My lesson learned today ? At 50 something - his obsession will never wane.....
It's obviously riveting reading.........lol


Lots of layouts and day 10

Wow - where did the weekend go?

We were straight out from work Friday evening.We thought we were going to watch a band play in a pub - but it turned out to be a few different bands in a marquee in the garden of the pub..a charity ball in aid of cancer - with canapes and an auction and we had a really nice time !
Then on Saturday it was off to meet the lovely ladies at the monthly Eclectic Keepsakes crop.
The class in the afternoon was designed by the very talented Ann Freeman - loved these layouts. They were using the very gorgeous My Mind's Eye Lost and Found 2 papers..
Here's the first one ...

The second one was perfect to use the latest photo I took of all the men together ....
I had chance in the morning to catch up on my LSNED pages ...


So - that leads me on to day 10 - I learned that I really like playing with my new Photobooth app that I downloaded to my iphone - willing subjects - Deb - himself and then thanks to Deb for taking some of me for my page.

and today I've been to a local crop and made another couple of pages, I'll share them later..and now I'm off to collapse in a heap and watch the X Factor..


LSNED day 8 and 9

Sometimes you can get spooked two days running....
day 8 .....
I got a little bit spooked taking the dog for a walk a little way away from home and decided NOT to go down the long long path and across the field that I hadn't been to before, sad really that I don't feel comfortable walking the fields and lanes like I used to when I was a child.......but do you ever get that feeling that you are just not comfortable?
the lane was going a long way and was right beside an open field on one side but I didn't like the way it had hugh bushes and stuff each side of it which made it kind of enclosed.....
Then, day 9 - was definitely spookesville last night ....I just had to get a photo ...the moon behind the clouds being blown past it looking from our garden....


LSNED day 7

After taking dads to hospital  - and sitting waiting with your crocheting...

- it really is nice to treat yourself on impulse once in a while ......not everyone's cup of tea but I love him!


LSNED day 6 - delightful dahlias!

I learned today that ....
Grandad's dahlias can get really tall - he is standing up in the background - and he's not that tiny!
and here's my page for day 5 AND you won't believe what happened today either ....

Yep  - this is another one - this time for £5 ......must know when to stop and not get carried away  though ! Although it makes me want to buy a Euromillions ticket!
Here's the second one ...