Not only- but also

Time waits for no man and how has it reached midweek nearly already? On Saturday it was time for Ann's Scrapmates crop. It was lovely to catch up with Karen- although we missed Deb and Jane.We did our own thing in the morning and then Karen had designed a class for the afternoon...mine's not finished yet,just need to do the journalling.There's been lots happening here this week,I'm finishing the house clearing at my Dad's - nearly all done now- so there hasn't been lots of time for crafty stuff. Anyway, here's Karen's gorgeous layout. It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful projects and layouts my friends come up with

So - onto the not only did we have a great day BUT - also by strange coincidence there happened to be a wedding at the adjoining church....cue stalking lady with camera trying to get a photo of the bride without looking too weird.....

Number 16 - A Bride - yay !


More scavenging

I'm enjoying  attempting to work my way through Rinda's list. I happened to mention it at work the other day and guess what a lovely colleague brought in yesterday morning?

                                           Number 8 A statue of an angel...
I must admit to being a bit addicted - looking round all the time for those elusive ones that I hope to find... next- Number 14 - A person playing with a ball..
Himself and I went to a pre season friendly this evening - not something I do that often,but enjoyed it for a change
and there's more....
Number 13- A library
I literally walk past here every morning on the way to work from where I park the car
and last but not least- for the moment 
Number 17 - A church
I literally walk past this beautiful church every morning too- I snapped it quickly on my phone so it's not the best photo of it.
That's it for now - am thinking that I may struggle with the swing/hammock hanging from a tree- but you never know !


Creating with Shimelle and collection packs

I signed up for this class the other day- and in one evening was amazed at how many starter layouts I could get done. I was steaming into them after reading Shimelle's instructions... I decided to not faff about and just go for the cutting and was so pleased at how quickly you can get some great base layouts ready to go. I've got  quite a few holiday pics that i want to scrap - so this is perfect for them. I've just laid some photos on to get a feel for how they will look once all the other bits and pieces are on and I'm happy so far.
Great stuff - thanks Shimelle.
I've had this idea in mind for a 'Camels and Cactus' layout and was very pleased to be able to finally make a start on it...( I know, I just had this thing about doing a layout with camels and cactuses on it!)
I used a reasonably old collection pack - Fancy Pants Wishful Thinking - and one random strip of Bo Bunny! Anyone else out there doing it?

                                           These are the base layouts so far

and a double - the base of 'Camels and Cactus'!
Not bad for one evening, considering I don't normally sit down till about 8.30 - 9 in the evening! It really has got the old mojo going..


A shadow and a border....

I've been scavenging- not literally but for Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt

Given the rotten weather we've been suffering lately - I'm pretty pleased at this one....

                                           NUMBER 11 - A Shadow
It was 'Ware' week here last week so the town was bedecked with bunting and suchlike - the fair came to town too,and one of the lovely buildings had put bunting up round some special raised flower beds - the beds are actually to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee and I am enjoying seeing the slow development of the picture in flowers...

NUMBER 3- A Border
I hope this passes as a border- well it is a flower border! and you can just see the crown at the top of the bunting,and if it doesn't count, here is a border between  the river and the bank patrolled by very cute looking but protective Geese..
Two down - Nineteen to go....


10 on the 10th and another Cybercrop layout

The deadline for uploading layouts for the ATDML cybercrop is nearing,so as I've just finished another one thought I would blog it.
This was a class designed by Rachael Elliott and I finished it off at the crop on Saturday.
it was right up my street - lots of cutting out of flowers and lots of pink !
Not a very inspiring Ten on the Tenth from me this month- now if it had been a couple of weeks ago I could have done Wimbledon and had far more than ten!
Will it ever stop raining ??
Lovely to see middle son for the weekend, playing and teasing the dog as always!
I taught another class at the weekend and was actually quite relaxed - must have been the good company 
i will be so glad to see the back of all this stuff..
 I think Dad would have liked what I've done with his three tier baskets- no Bizzie Lizzies this year so I went for Begonias.Red White and Blue for Jubilee year
Laughter is the best mediine - a good evening out with my close cousin and his wife
Not much fun with the dishwasher broken - washing up AND wiping up - but very loud music in the background seems to help....
Cybercropping and lunch

and last but not least - two visits to the vets for boy ( our nickname for him) - thankfully he's better now..


An Eclectic day

Yesterday we all gathered together for the monthly Eclectic Keepsakes crop .Karen had asked me to teach a class this month - this is the design I came up with.
One of the main ideas for the class was to have a play with the gorgeous Prima canvas resist butterflies - an idea we originally tried at the ATDML crop in a class by Mel.
The butterflies start life off completely plain and beige - once you sprtitz them or ink them they magically transform.
I used a bit of stamping too - the flower in the left corner.
I loved seeing what the other ladies came up with.
I've got some other photos but I forgot to ask if I could blog them.
I was expecting to be washed away as there had been various weather warnings before the day but luckily it was dry all day.
Karen made some lovely muffins
We all had a bit of a giggle when one lady mentioned the latest book that everyone seems to be reading - something about shades of grey - no idea what it's about though - ( yep I bought the trilogy!)
It went so quickly as always - looking forward to the next one
I've been photo scavenging too - will share soon.


It didn't rain until late..

Warning - a bit of a photo heavy post...
Our day at Wimbledon.

We were very lucky in as much as it only started to rain at about 4 o'clock,so we managed to get some actual tennis viewing in.
It was a pretty tiring day but was very enjoyable.
Here we are ready for the off...
After the very long walk uphill from the station to the grounds...(not that I'm complaining but we cabbed it back on the way home!)- we arrived
Wandered round the outside courts 
Obligatory photos by Centre  Court- notice the subtle colour co-ordination of outfit and flowers!

then it was on to our court - Number 2

We had a great seat and the weather held out for a few hours-then a break for a Pimm's and strawberries and cream

and all too soon- home time. Son wanted to get home to see the Euro game that was on at 8 o'clock and as it was raining and play was going to be off for at least an hour - it was nearly 5 o'clock by now - we decided to call it a day.it was a really good day - nice to spend a day with the boy. I managed a long tube journey too - which is a real achievement for me as I hate them !