Tales of a crafty weekend

Well,that was all over far too quickly.As always Mel and Jill had arranged a wonderful weekend.
I always love the moment we arrive walking through the lovely reception with the fire burning - saying hi to everyone then finding our place in the crop room...

Then checking in and seeing the lovely view from your room overlooking the golf course......
The first class of the weekend was with the lovely Ann who had made yummy Oreo cupcakes - what a great start
I have quite a few projects to finish and Ann's class is one of them- it was a lovely calendar.
Here are a couple of the classes I did manage to finish....
This was Mel's layout using Simple Stories Generations papers. It had a couple of interactive elements - the fold out part at the front and the family flap at the top had a magnetic snap so you could open it to reveal smaller tag photos..

Then another class was one of Karen's - another one of her stunners - using Authentique papers. I love the colour combinatons, We made the tags and decorated them first, then they were added to the layout..
I've got loads to finish - can't wait to get stuck in - it's always a tonic to spend time doing what you love in the company of like minded people and it's great to meet new friends too.


Sunny scrapping

I'm off to sunny ( at the moment ) Colchester for a scrapping weekend -can't wait won't wait - tell all when I get back!

Someone knows something is going on!- he keeps hanging round my cases and bits- hope they spoil him while I'm away .


Being brave with patterned paper

Shimelle's prompt two was to use patterned paper for a background.
I've had this paper in my stash for quite a while and the colour never inspired me,so just because, I decided to go with it - then I decided to go all out and use one of the papers from Tim Holtz's collections that I never thought I'd  use just to give it a go. I've used this photo before but it was sitting in my box on the top and the colours seemed to fit- so this really is a ' using up of odds and ends layout - I hadn't got enough 'e's either for the title so 'luv' was used instead - but then the word 'luv' was very 'in' during the '70's wasn't it??-
Checkout the flared jeans and awful sandals !


Shimelle's paper party- just me.

I didn't have a wide enough lens to get all my paper in the shot for Shimelle's first assignment 'post a picture of your paper stack' - stacks more like for me ! Not only that, my stacks are so untidy at the moment...mind you it did make me feel so much better seeing some of the collections that people have posted on the forum!
So moving on- using strips of paper - yep I can certainly find lots of strips of offcuts - think I might have gone overboard on the colours a bit though- I happened to have a photo of me in yellow and also a piece of bright yellow cardstock that I nearly put in the bin the other day..typical me, when left to my own devices,always have to have butterflies, a bit of bling and flowers-but that is me and looking back I'll smile at that I bet.
Most of the offcuts and stickers are Echo Park and as always Shimelle has inspired me already.


Our weekend

Was spent driving down to Sussex via the M25 loaded up with mattresses and flat packed drawer sets and numerous other bits and pieces for son and his girlfriends new home...
Don't we all have one of these moments - when you are absolutely sure those instructions are wrong...

Those slats just won't fit that way .......
So after much reading and flipping and slotting - it eventually looked like a bed!

our other son popped round from his house where he stays whilst at Uni -mum did the usual - 'come on time for a photo ' bit in the kitchen...
It didn't take long before it started to look more like home
We spent a lovely afternoon wandering round the town and had a nice meal
I loved this clock- towery building in the middle of the town.I loved it as there was a Cath Kidston AND a Body Shop so I had to have a wee wander round them..
Then it was time to wend our way home back via the M25 - thankfully both ways were no problem - no nasty jams or anything Happy knowing they were sorted (ish) starting out on their life together.
Talking of which- I did a little digi - layout via WiddlyTinks last night of us starting our life together- ALL those years ago!!


Life takes over sometimes

Sometimes there are things that are all consuming in your life and they tend to take over for a while.
It's like that for me at the moment. Middle son moved out to live with his girlfriend yesterday - as a mum you feel a teensy weensy bit sad but happy for them too.
I wandered round his bedroom last night after he had gone and was looking at the photos left on the wall of him as a youngster - then found his Pokemon album and some wrestling men in the drawer. Weird - very weird - second son all grown up now!!

 He'd left a few bits behind -even left his massive Coke bottle with pennies in!

Also, I have had a very poorly Dad. Being an only child - it's been a busy time coping with all the comings and goings to and from hospital for tests and things- and also coping with what has been going on. It has also meant that I have been staying over with him to make sure he is ok a couple of times too.
He has some big problems with his health and I'm praying that he will be ok. I've been in a bit of a whirl this week as he has to continue his  hospital visits at another hospital now and may have to have treatment or an operation.
So all in all - life has taken over in a big way over the past couple of weeks  for me. I've missed my crafting and really want to just get 'back to normal'.'
It's always difficult when you are not feeling so cheery as usual to do a blog post,but I suppose that's what it's all about really - blogging life- good and bad.
Anyway, on a cheerier note,himself has just gone upstairs with the hoover and there is lots of 'busying' and thumping- think he might just be tidying up where the room has been left with all son's  remnants !- Yep I can hear drawers clattering and the radio is on so he is up there for a while!
Better go and sort dinner for two- home made scotch eggs and chips I think - or maybe lamb chops - can't decide!
Back soon with some catchup layouts .


September favourites

I like the idea some bloggers have of doing a little round up of their favourite moments/ photos from the month, so here are some of mine.... just because..

Spooky moon taken from our back garden

Grandad's dahlia
A happy hubby when his team won
A blurred photo - but it cracks me up every time I see it !

My first really big pointer on words with friends

A beautiful weird rainbow sky just today taking the dog out

Okay, so technically this one is October - just realised.!


Been Croppin'

It was off to Cambridge today to meet up with some old and some new friends for Hilary and Ifa's crop.
Ifa had designd two lovely classes using the zingy Echo Park Happy Days collection.
This is layout one - we did some stamping and embossing for different elements of the page. I stamped the words beautiful summer- the swirly flourish at the top with the bird,and the little signpost.I loved this little signpost stamp.
Then it was on to the second layout...

There was more stamping to do if you wanted to on this one. I really liked Ifa's use of  smaller photos on these layouts,it reminded me that you don't always have to use bigger ones.Photobox don't do small ones - so I don't really use many. This made me get some paper and print my own and I'm really glad I did.
On a different note, whilst driving there and back today - just minding my own business - why is it everyone is always in such a hurry on the roads nowadays?, I'm probably sounding like a right old grump but honestly,the roads are like a bloomin ractrack aren't they?
I've just watched Strictly and now it's X Factor time- himself has just gone to get the takeaway curry - great way to spend a Saturday evening !