Creative Chemistry Graduate

So anyway,I got such a lovely parcel in the post the other day..... cue name droppy photo.

It was my Creative Chemistry graduate apron- from Tim Holtz's online class I did a while ago.Dinner was put on hold,himself was grabbed and given camera and yours truly was out in the garden posing....Unfortunately it took a few takes and I had to try to strategically position the front bit which wasn't quite wide enough to sit nicely without me looking lop sided !!!
 I now can't wait for the next crop so I can christen it ! I've been given some awards lately - so I will be catching up with them and posting soon.I've had a mega busy week this week doing house clearing so have been straight over to the house after work most nights - and have been shattered when I got back.I promise I will catch up with the blog awards - thanks ladies it is much appreciated.
I've been working on some design team things as well. Mel and Jill over at ATDML have asked me to be guest designer again for June so have been playing happily with lots of lovely papers.
I'm also doing a class over at Eclectic Keepsakes next month using some Prima canvas resist butterflies and perfect pearl mists.We used some of these at the ATDML retreat in April and Karen  thought they would be a great idea for a class. The butterflies are plain beige canvas but when you spritz or ink them a beautiful pattern emerges..here's a sneaky peek.

Right - time to get off and do boring stuff, housework and all that. 
It's a lovely sunny day here today- long may it last!


Always in my heart

                                      Happy Birthday Dad -
                                   Remembering the happy times ♥


Scrapping and friends

Life for me at the moment is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I'm in the process of clearing Dad's house at the moment as it has been sold so life is a tad weird.
Isn't it good to have lovely friends and crafty projects to lose yourself in?
last weekend was spent in the company of some very special ladies at Ann's crop. It was so nice to catch up with Deb and Karen
Ann had organised a lovely lunch and designed a gorgeous class 
We really had  a great day - penguin was very well behaved (most of the time) he did steal some of my crisps at one point though  tut......

I had a lovely delivery on Friday all the way from the U S of A and I'm dying to show you it..hope to get a photo today...and I will be name dropping !


just a photo

for today, what a lovely Sunday- everyone together. Weekend catchup coming soon..


Cover to cover

I signed up for Shimelle's new class which started yesterday and it certainly looks like it will be relevant and very useful to me.....
Prompt 1.
Take a photo that helps describe your current status with scrapbooking. You might have dozens and dozens of albums. You might have two. You might be completely happy with your albums. You might have a big stack and no books or ideas on where things should go. Share your photo (and more details if you would like) with us either by posting on the forum or writing a blog post.
Hmm - yes well, this immedialtely got the old 'oh my god my albums are such a mess' feeling and a few hurrrumphs from me- but as always that is something that I never seem to organise (me not being one of these really uber tidy and organised peeps)
Dare I take photos of my albums? really? but they are all in odd places and not lined up on a shelf with labels and yes they have no structure whatsoever- just layouts slipped in as and when I did them
some are in the cupboard with the wool stash sandwiching a 'William and Kate' wedding teddy that Dad and I got when we went to Somerset as himself is not keen on teddies being on show in the lounge!

and there are two odd ones on the very top of the unit in my craft room 
and yes.....I have a stack of layouts waiting to be put into albums 
So I definitely think Shimelle's class is going to be good for me..off to think about condensing those photos now!


Scrapping- and getting grungy with Hels

Warning- bit of a war and peace post - but I've got loads to tell you.....I suppose it could be a late Sian's Storytelling Sunday post -on a Monday...

Not only have I been busy - it's actually sunny today - yay! Well- a little bit sunny..
Anyway, I have had a really crafty two days and enjoyed every minute.Saturday it was off to Eclectic Keepsakes with the lovely ladies there. it's always such a lovely day.I spent the morning doing my own things and managed two layouts- one with the new Scrapagogo April kit and one with bits of my stash and a background paper from the last GoGo kit.

Then it was time for Ann's class - we did spritzing and flicking and finally a title with some foam letters and paint..

The day flew by as always - then it was time to head home - and I had another day's crafting to look forward to....
Not so much layout scrapping but I so enjoyed it..
I actually headed in the same direction as the day before- it was in Mark's Tey again but in a craft place called Birds in the Barn - the building was in the grounds of a lovely garden centre.
I found my way to the workshop and of course - had to go find the 'ladies' before we started and I was fascinated by the landscaping of the gardens - I loved this..you had to walk through the garden centre to get to the 'ladies' and It really caught my eye.

The workshop was with the very lovely Hels Sheridan  I'd met Hels a couple of times before  when we were both members of a forum and the members met up- so it was nice to see her again.The morning and part of the afternoon was spent getting very messy and inky making a beautiful tag envelope.Then the rest of the afternoon we played with techniques on some ATC's - I used to make loads of ATCs and regularly swap them- but haven't made any for ages and it was also good to re visit them! Does anyone out there still make any?

So now - it's back down to earth - time for the dreaded shopping and dinner and all that- BUT- I have signed up for  Shimelle's new Cover to Cover class - which starts today- anyone else doing it? if so - see you there .


Good post

I really liked the postman yesterday - I always like him,but he bought something rather nice- all the way from across the pond.My first ever 'pass the book' book- and it looks like a cracker.

Thank you Deb,it arrived here safe and sound.I shall enjoy trying out some examples in here and have already picked a couple out - watch this space
This week has flown by,back to the dismal rain rain and more rain. Going over to Dad's house this evening I was shocked to see the field that only two weeks ago had sheep and lambs in was now like a lake - and the field the other side was also sporting ducks! weird, in all my years - I've never seen that-AND there is still a hosepipe ban here.
Last night -i sat there in my craft room surrounded by bits and pieces of paper and stuff - all that had been used on other layouts- couldn't decide what to use- there were bits of one and bits of another. Eventually I got them all together on a page. I was in a bit of a fiddle and faff mood where I took about three hours to do something that would normally take about half an hour - anyone else ever get those moods? Sometimes you just steam in - know exactly what you want to do and sometimes totally the opposite? Anyway I made a page with one old photo and one relatively new one,both photos of middle son that i like.
Right- time for bed now - nice long weekend ahead too.Enjoy your weekend whatever you are up to.