Den's Crafty Den

My craft room here has been bursting at the seams for quite a while now - if the truth be known,I wish it was nice and tidy - but there is just too much for the little room ( that's my excuse anyway)
I always start with best intentions to have a real 'sort out' and then get embroiled in things that I find  i'd forgotten I had and don't get very far..
My albums are aplenty and wool stash has now moved into the garage together with rather a lot of ahem boxes with card stuff in them.....I have so many Kanban goodies now since being in their DT.
We have just got a new suite in our lounge and it meant that we got rid of our sideboard that we've has since the 1980s - which housed all my albums and lots of wool.
After we had words one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I thought 'I really must find some storage space somewhere or something' I have a unit where there are a lot of things from Mum and Dad's house that I didn't want to get rid of and hadn't got room for here...
Maybe I could do that ??
Then suddenly I had a brilliant idea- near where i work there is a little office that is empty.
It would be perfect for me to have as a craft studio -come- storage room....then everyone will be happy !!!
So - I shall be making my nice little room at home tidy and also have a little studio room to house everything else - with a desk in to work at should I want to...it's literally right where I work so should be perfect.
It's a bit of a weird colour at the moment so himself is going to go in and paint it for me .

So there we have it - my new project.I'm quite excited about it now - I think I might have a little desk and some shelves round the walls so I can put stackable drawers on wheels underneath them- if anyone has any good ideas - I'm open to any! How does anyone store ribbons and cardstock ? Do you keep kits together if you buy any or split them up once you've got them ? 
I might get some boxey type shelves to keep the many balls of wool in that I have too.
So many things - what does anyone do with their embellishment bits?  I seem to have so many - some are in plastic boxes -do you keep flowers in some and then tickets and tags and stuff in another ? I think I need to get on Pinterest or do some craft room storage searches ...watch this space !!!


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh how fun! It's so exciting to have a new space, full of nothing but possibilities at the moment. I can't wait to see how you fill it up.

I keep my ribbons in clear plastic stackable boxes - I really should get rid of some of it! Otherwise, I use a lot of jars for storage and I love that you can see through the glass to know what's inside. Have fun!!!

scrappyjacky said...

How lovely to have your own dedicated space.
I tend to keep kits together.

Sandie said...

What fun! A dedicated craft space is so much easier though I still creep indoors with mine often.
I don't buy kits but I do store most things in boxes or jars on shelves. Lots of people use the cube containers from IKEA. I wanted something more traditional and have a large dresser type base with shelves on top. Washi tapes, ribbons, buttons etc. are all in jars - I love the see through prettiness on my shelves.
Have fun. And when you are done you can come help me tidy mine!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I quite like the colour of the room. I try to store most of my stuff in the larder cupboard in the dining room but have to admit that it has crept out into a corner of the dining room too as at the moment I have too much and will have to spend time sorting again. I can imagine how much fun you are going to have deigning your craft space.

Maria Ontiveros said...

When my son goes off to University in the fall, I'm snagging some space in his room for my craft stuff. Will do some organizing and purging when I do. Can't wait!

Alison said...

What a great project, Denise...I'm thinking off re-housing my craft area too!
Alison xx