December 1st - a magical day

Would you like to see how I've spent my December 1st today ? Well, there are -ahem a few photos to follow...what a way to start the countdown to Christmas...

We arrived here is snowy Germany yesterday and have spent today in a winter wonderland.We can't believe how lucky we are (so far) that the snow has been just right - not too much but enough to make it pretty and magical..
We arrived in Munich - it was cold and there was a tiny dusting of snow - then as we were making our way to Bavaria- this is how it was looking..

We stopped off at Oberammergau and went to the ' all year round' Christmas shop...I took lots of photos in here - and bought a 'toy soldier' ( had to didn't I?)

Then we made tracks to our hotel and arrived late afternoon.

Today we've visited two castles and I'm absolutely shattered this evening.
It was all worth it though - the Neuschwanstein castle is truly beautiful - I did feel sorry for the poor horses taking everyone up to the castle though - and ours looked like he needed a haircut - it was SO cold - we thought we might bump into Mr Tumnus at one point..

When we got to the top where the castle actually was - it was shrouded in mist but I managed to get some lovely photos of it as we were wandering around waiting for the horse and carriages to arrive- it was a truly wonderful  way to spend December 1st- AND I've got loads more photos too - be warned!
I took lots of the castle - it was awesome in the snow..  this one was looking across from the first castle - you can just see the yellowy turret on the left...it was really high up- and Neuschwanstein was almost level...
 You can see how high up the castle sits here - above the rooftop of one of the shops..
Anyway,I think I've gone on long enough -time to rest the weary body ready for Christmas market tomorrow.


Alison said...

What a lovely way to spend the first day of December...Neuschwanstein is beautiful, but must be even more so in the snow!!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Beautiful photos. I'm was hoping to get my tree up on Dec. 1 . . . maybe tomorrow.

Sian said...

Denise, it looks absolutely stunning - you lucky thing! I hope there are lots more pictures to come..

alexa said...

Wow, these really are fairytale pictures! How glorious - hoping you have a lovely, lovely time. I am off to Munich on Friday just for the weekend - we may have the white stuff here first!