Backstreet's back :-)

No crafty post this evening as I have been to see these guys at the O2.

It was really good, great to hear the old songs again-thoroughly enjoyed it. I went the concert with my eldest son as my other and his other half didn't want to go. It made a really nice change to spend some time with him - even if he did have the mickey taken out of him at work ! Am off to bed now - night all x
Oh - it was the Backstreet Boys in case you hadn't guessed !!


MarleneMAZ said...

I still like their old stuff too, bet it was a fun night.

debs14 said...

It's always good to spend quality time on your own with them isn't it? I think the fact that it doesn't happen that often that makes it even more special.
I expect to see a Backstreet layout VERY soon!