My task for Christmas

Well,one of them anyway!I have decided that as it is a lot calmer and quieter at home these days,the build up to Christmas this year is going to be very slow and unstressful (hmmmm).So as I was walking home from work last night I spotted a really nice Christnas Tree cake in the window of our local party shop.I decided there and then that I need to make one- even if it sits on the side looking pretty and only a couple of peeps eat some of it.I know my eldest and his girlfriend will definitely have some
and my dad-and of course I would have to try it.
Well, I trawled the net tonight looking for a cake tin that is the same shape and came up with one in the UK but it was out of stock.After mentioning it at work,my boss said to me 'all you have to do is make two squares - one larger than the other and cut them into triangles and layer them and voila' Now,why didn't I think of that and is it really that easy? So I set myself the task of making one (might have to do a trial run first,have no idea how much mix to use,so if anyone has any ideas they would be very welcome!)Here is a pic I found of the one I want to attempt to make..


karen said...

love the new background.
Good luck with the cake.

debs14 said...

I might be able to help you with quantities! What size square tin do you have and is it fruit or sponge cake?
If I help, can I have a slice? ;-)