Looking back

I've got a tad behind with Shimelle's class so have decided to do today's and go back to the other couple I've missed in the next few days..Hmmm,looking back to this time last year and how things are different to how I thought they would be..Wow,looking at a post I made in November last year when we got our 'new addition'our little sheltie puppy Archie. At the time I was still reeling from losing my mum in October and the family being round me was very very important.I was surrounded by noisy(ish) boys - well men really,and at the time we still had two dogs so life was busy at home and there was always something to do,food to prepare at any time of the day or evening,loads of comings and goings as they were in and out to football,out for the evenings,going to their part time jobs...Looking at my home life now it is so different.It is now just the two of us and Archie, sadly we lost Annie our other dog, and the three boys all left home within about a month of each other.It has been a time of adjustment. One of the positive things to come out of it is the fact that I now have a craft room,the lounge is decorated,and the food bill has halved!On the other hand it is quiet and I miss the cooking for them and the odd things us mums do,but that's life and we move on.So yes I would never have thought this time last year that I would be sitting here with just the dog and himself but life is ok and the boys are all happy,my dad is doing ok,so all is well!
Interesting thing to do though so thanks Shimelle,it's good to look back and good to think about it and I wonder what I will be saying this time next year.Here is the link to my post last year- and here he is now.
On another note, I was due to go to the ATDML retreat last year and sadly couldn't face it as it was a couple of weeks before I was due to go that mum passed away. I've just got back from being at the retreat this year and It was wonderful,a great atmosphere with lots of laughs,good food and most of all scrapping and crafting.The one thing that hasn't changed at all in any way in the last year is my love of scrapbooking,if anything it's growing more each year and the friendships we make too are long lasting.Will be posting pics of the retreat later.


Becky said...

What a lovely post. So pleased to hear that you are in a happier place this year.

debs14 said...

It's been a strange old year hasn't it? You look back and wonder how you had the strength to get through it.
Pleased to hear you had a good weekend, now come on, get cracking and get some pics of what you have been up to onto this blog!

Ruth said...

What a lovely post and very honest and heartfelt.

Sian said...

I really enjoyed reading your reflections on your year. You never know what's round the corner do you? I'm hoping for a more settled year for you in 2010! Glad you enjoyed your retreat too.