Blogging for scrapbookers

So today has seen the start of the new class from Shimelle.It's been a hectic day for me today, Monday morning as always back to normal but I was going to a client's today to help with their accounts system so started the day off nervously ( don't know why- just haven't been out of the office for a while !). Anyway,there are varying options today for the class and as it's now 11.20 p.m and I am really tired,I have decided to use the 'quick' option!
Shimelle always has a knack of inspiring me because her classes are always at your own pace and they are for your own benefit.I really want to learn lots anout the techniques that I lack like subscribing to feeds and google reader and I aim to keep blogging as much as is possible - Ina funny way it keeps me sane as it's nice to put your thoughts down sometimes.I love to blog hop and see other peoples posts and photos.Since the boys have all left home we have been sorting and decorating and our lounge is now taking shape. The carpet was fitted today so everything has been piled up in any space available in order to clear the room for the fitter.Our two youngest went back to Uni yesterday but not before they had helped their dad move all the furniture.So we asked our eldest to come and help move it all back tonight and ended up having a nice roast dinner together,which was lovely.Now they have gone and himself is in bed, the clearing up is all done and there is an armchair to sit on I can reflect on a busy day and leave you with a pic of the two youngest as I don't think I've ever seen them here,dressed up and having fun- I do miss them.


Ruth said...

You'll be able to embarrass them with that shot for years! See you in class, if you've the time to spare for the forum.

sharyncarlson said...

Good luck with Shimelle's class! :)