Very proud !

I know we have all heard that phrase 'proud Mummy' but today I was a very proud daughter.For nearly 30 years now my Dad has been taking Santa around our village in his vintage car which the local children call 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. He has owned the car since I was a child and rebuilt it all himself.He always gets all stressed out worrying that the car will not perform or he will be late but he has always done it and today was no exception.I had arranged to go over and cook lunch while he was out and as I drove to his house I caught the car coming down the high street,Santa sitting in the back waving. He stops along the way at designated points and gives the children bags of sweets. I just came over all proud and emotional when he came down the road and I had to stop the car and take a photo.Here he is driving and then back at home relieved it was all over.


Becky said...

What a wonderful story and a wonderful car too! You must be so proud of your Dad :)

ceruleanblue said...

What a brilliant car, wish I live there!! Well done to your Dad :)

Sam said...

Oh wow what an excellent car. My dad would love to have something like that - not sure about my mum though hehehehe
Well done to your dad for doing such a lovely thing. No wonder you are proud of him.
Sam x

Anonymous said...

What a great story, and what a fabulous car!

Carol Ann said...

What a lovely Dad no wonder you are so proud of him. I love his car too!

Thank you for visiting my wee blog.

Carol Ann xx

debs14 said...

Such a lovely post Denise! I can imagine how emotional you felt seeing him coming down the road with Santa as a passenger. This calls for a double page layout of it's own!

Ruth said...

Such a wonderful story and perfect to scrap!

Denise said...

Oh my, how special! Thank you for hopping my way and your lovely comment. Having computer issues too! I wonder if this is just a Denise thing? (",)