Spick and span ?

What I love so much about Shimelle is that she has an ability to know exactly what we bloggers like to see when we 'blog hop'and today the prompt is to blog something from around the house - inside the home that makes us smile or feel good. Well,the one place that makes me very happy is my long awaited craft room,my very own escape where I can revel in all the kits and stash and inks and pens and rubber stamps. which are all now in one place.This makes me very happy and I love my mess that is my craft room and I know my mess :-) my desk is just as I left it last night which I know is naughty but what I always wanted was somewhere I could leave a project and go back to it without having to pack it all away every time I got it out.As I work full time the main times when I craft are later on in the evening and as I normally start late It's a pain to have to put it all away at 1 o'clock in the morning when I've got carried away and not realised the time !I realise how lucky I am and that not everyone has the same luxury but I used to read blogs with beautifully organised craft rooms and so wanted one.
When all three of our boys moved out within a few weeks of each other we decided to decorate the lounge,which we are now in the middle of. The walls are papered and where we used to have a big black gas fire we decided to get a just for show electric fire and I have been pleasantly surprised at how cosy it looks..
So it's not really one photo with not many words but two photos of two rooms in my house that make me feel warm inside for different reasons.


Ruth said...

Yay to your own craft space! And lovely looking fire.

elin said...

Would love to curl up beside the fire. Looking cosy.

Lauren said...

That is so cozy by the fire, makes me want to grab a book and curl up.

Rachel Brett said...

Glad it isn't just me then who couldn't post a picture without writing anything! Congrats on your own crafting space, I leave everything out overnight too.

debs14 said...

I knew that desk wouldn't stay tidy for long! Obviously himself isn't allowed in there ;-)
Lounge looks fab by the way, so cosy.